Tony Hawk Games. Know The Facts Before You Buy

Useful facts you need to know before purchase Tony Hawk Games.Now maybe it's me, but I thought the graphics in the last of the series, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, were much better than the graphics for Tony Hawk Underground. There were a lot of glitches with the screen and many of the things you can do are made bad by the low-pixel graphics. The people are pretty badly-made compared to THPS4 and so are the automobiles.
The plot for this game is alright. It is pretty basic but they did a lot with it. There was one thing that annoyed me about the plot the whole time --Why are you helping everyone??? You play a punk skater!!! Why are you running or riding around looking to help people. Most of the goals didn't mae that much sense. Most of the goals were fun, though.

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