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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Platform: PlayStation2

Tony Hawk Games. This game is simply the best game out on the PS2! The gameplay is similair to THPS and THPS2, but you won't get tired of it. The graphics are amazing, and the levels are huge. Here is a quick run through of the levels:
1st level: Foundry - A nice level! Plenty of rails to grind on. Actually, probably one of the best levels to grind. Some of the level goals(besides getting SKATE and high or pro scores, which are in all the levels), include sinking one of the workers in a giant pool, and grinding on a molten lava bucket.Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

2nd level: Canada - A nice, wide open level. You start off in the parking lot, with some nice rails to grind and speed bumps to hop. Next to that is the skatepark, where one of the goals is to impress 5 of the Canadian skaters. If you don't, they say "Show me somathin, eh?" Its pretty funny. If you go beyond the skatepark you will find yourself in the woods, where you must bury a bully by jumping in the tree above him to knock all the snow down pn top of him. There are also TONS of pipes to bust out tricks and logs to grind.Tony Hawk Games

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