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Tony Hawks' Pro Skater 3
Platform: GameCube
Tony Hawk Games.Not being a fan of extreme sports, I did not think I would enjoy the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. However, a friend of mine got me hooked on Tony Hawk 2 for the Playstation and I was surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. So, once I got my GameCube, Tony Hawk 3 was the second game I bought (after Rogue Leader, obviously!!). I can say, unequivocally, that THPS 3 far surpasses its predecessors. Not only are levels and gameplay more appealing rewardingly challening, this game also benefits tremendously from being on the GameCube platform. I have played this game on PS2, as well, and it is a great deal more frustrating. The key to what makes the GameCube version of THPS 3 so much better is how it takes advantage of the asymmetrical control pad. Unlike the Playstation systems, GameCube's control buttons are set up in a manner where you do not need to be nearly as conscious of the buttons you are pressing, thereby freeing the player to focus more on what is happening on the screen (thus being more effective). The buttons on the GameCube control have different sizes, shapes and placements on the pad which allows the player to know which button does which simply by feel, as opposed to the Playstation buttons which are all the same except for the design on each of them (forcing the player to be conscious of what buttons he or she is pressing).Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Control issues aside, though, this game is fabulous. It's just challenging enough without being frustrating. I was personally able to accomplish 49 out of the 54 goals and got silver medals on the three competition levels before I had to resort to the cheats. Games like this (along with Rogue Leader), in my estimation, give GameCube the early leg up in the Next Generation system wars with X-Box and PS2.Tony Hawk Games

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